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The olives!!!

As a cultural plant the olive is grown since time immemorial. The images of ancient Egyptian vases and amphorae prove it. According to the Greeks, the olives were given to them by the goddess of wisdom Athena Paladas, the patron of peaceful labour.
The consumption of olives is growing in recent years worldwide.
Small varieties are suitable for cold starters and salads, the larger ones for pizzas or pastas, and the largest ones for filling. Blacks are usually served to meat and game. Greens are more suitable for cold fish dishes. Both sorts are also ideal as a separate appetizer. All olives go well with wine. The black ones harmonize with pink and white wines, the more spicy green ones suit to the red wines.
The olives in the portfolio of “KALINA” OOD are produced by the largest olive manufacturers in Greece, Turkey and Spain. This ensures the consistent, high quality and steady supply of the products we offer.

Portfolio Olives