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This is one of the most popular foods in the world and especially in Europe. Along with bread, rice and other cereals, it forms the basis of Mediterranean cuisine, which is considered one of the world’s healthiest cuisines.
Nowadays, pasta products with the brand “Adella” are synonyms of high quality and refined taste.
The producer company “Helios” is one of the largest manufacturers of paste products in Europe. The factory was founded in the distant 1932.
The products are made of 100% durum wheat, prepared according to an original Italian recipe, with strict control of input raw materials, technological process and automation of the production cycle from raw materials to packing of the finished product.
Products undergo laboratory testing in any process and are packaged according to international standards, in a fully automated and high-tech environment and in packaging conforming to the contemporary trends and taste of the market.
In response to the increased customer demands and European requirements the company develops and implements a quality control system and is certified under ISO 22000: 2005; ISO 9001: 2008; IFS.

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