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Antipasti !!!

The feast from the time of the Roman Empire to the present day always begins with appetizers – antipasti. These are usually cheeses, prosciutto, sausages and vegetables that can be marinated like pickles or grilled. Antipasti are often consumed with toasted bread and olive oil.
In 2007, Kalina OOD introduced a new brand under the name “Vakos”, which aims to create a totally new brand for products from the company’s portfolio.
The products manufactured under this brand are market-oriented in the category of so-called antipasti or vegetables filled with fine cheeses, nuts, etc.
The quality guarantee of products under this brand is in the own production and processing of the type of peppers that are popular on the market under the following names:
-Kambanaki (Kardula); Cherry; Macedoniki (Macedonka); Capia and many other varieties.
Another major advantage is the filler cheese paste which is prepared following an old Greek recipe carried through centuries.
The high quality of the Vakos brand products is guaranteed by the entirely handmade work and manual filling of the product.
Besides the traditional manner in oil, the products manufactured under the brand “Vakos”, are also offered in a protected environment, which in turn guarantees full satisfaction of the customer base in the line of freshness and unique taste.

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