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Who we are

Kalina foods is a brand or so-called “company brand” designed to bring together, qualify and present several major brands or product categories, which Kalina OOD manufactures and imposes on the domestic market and abroad.

The company is the first successor of ET “Elva-Vasil Atanasov”, established in 1991 and is based in Sliven. The main activity of the company is the import and distribution of olives and olive oil from Greece and Turkey. Over the years, Kalina OOD has proven to be the main leader in the import of olives in Bulgaria, as a trustworthy and reliable partner who provides products of high and constant quality at a competitive price. Since 1991 the company is the sole and official representative for Bulgaria of the olives brand “KALINA”, which is a trademark and registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The products in the portfolio of “KALINA” OOD are produced by the largest olive manufacturers in Greece and Turkey. This ensures the permanent high quality and steady supply of the products we offer.

KALINA OOD has its own warehouse of 5000 sq.m in the industrial zone of Sliven. We store in stock around 100 tons of olives in order to ensure the availability of the items offered the company’s selection of products.

The products are produced, packaged and transported in accordance with all European standards. Manufacturers’ factories in Greece and Turkey have all the necessary certificates – ISO; IFS; BRC; HACCP, which standards guarantee the quality of the products produced.

Our company has our own fleet that seamlessly secures the logistics of our products to each of our partners in the country and abroad.

In addition to all the services our company provides to its partners, we also offer support from a highly trained team of sales representatives.

Our company has established partnerships with many local and national key clients such as Billa, Kaufland, Lidl, Metro, Bulmag, Life, ABC, Eco asorti, Absolute, Rich Poor and many others.

Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our partners, respecting the trade rule win – win